Rules for Competition 


International Archery Federation (FITA) rules, formerly the International Paralympic Committee

The link below will take you to a document that will explain the FITA rules for shooting archery as a person who is visually impaired.  You must follow these guidelines if you wish to compete or set records in FITA competitions.  At this time, visually impaired archers cannot compete in the Paralympic Games held every four years in conjunction with the Olympic Games.  However, a visually impaired archer can participate as high as the world level in the Para-Archery World Championships every two years.  As soon as there is enough participation, i.e. a specified number of countries and continents, visually impaired archery will become a Paralympic sport at the highest level.  Itís important that we all do our best to promote visually impaired archery in our countries so that this will happen soon.

FITA Visually Impaired Archery Rules 

Black Silouette on white background. Visually impaired archer shooting her bow. Shades of gray shaddowing gives the silhouette depth.


International Blind Sports Association (I.B.S.A.)

I.B.S.A. has approved a different set of rules for competition than IPC.  Basically, archers who are visually impaired shoot within a specific sight classification as explained in the documentation below

IBSA Classification Rules and Procedures