Articles About Janice's Archery

I have been fortunate to have encountered many journalists since I began participating in the sport of archery.  These journalists have been kind enough to interview me and take my cause seriously enough to write about in their various magazines and newspapers.  This has been invaluable in helping me record my story. 

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Black Silouette on white background. Visually impaired archer shooting her bow. Shades of gray shaddowing gives the silhouette depth.


Articles About Mark Schrand

An Iraqi War veteran, Mark Schrand has shot a bow ever since he was a child, but he just recently began shooting as a visually impaired archer.  

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Articles about Jeff Favry, Para-Archer

Jeff Favry shoots using a mouth tab.  Click on the link below to listen and watch him explain how he does it.

YouTube video

Click on the link below to read an article that explains why Jeff prefers shooting with a mouth tab rather than using a prosthetic arm

Paralympic archer prefers to go old school